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Year in Review

As we approach our one year anniversary at Mage Advisory it’s interesting to look back at the year just gone and how it lined up with our initial strategy and expectations.

I use the term ‘interesting’ in a loose kind of way. Interesting like watching a hammer hit your thumbnail in slow motion…you can see the hammer falling… brace yourself… wince… and ouch. 2020 has been a bit like that for most people.

In truth, 2020 hasn’t been a bad year for Mage, it just didn’t go as expected. Work we thought we’d be doing was either shelved or never eventuated, to be replaced by different work more in keeping with ‘the current times’ (I’m really beginning to loathe that phrase). Being able to draw on our collective experience gained through the GFC back in 2007-2011 has certainly been beneficial both for our own business and our clients.

While it has been a challenging year, there have also been some highlights. It’s been a real pleasure to collaborate with a variety of professionals within our network, both new and familiar faces. So many people have supported us through referrals and opportunities, it’s been a humbling experience. From our perspective we’ve enjoyed being able to assist clients both in business and advisors-to-business, to achieve a great outcome for all involved.

So, what have we been working on?

  • Acting as CFO for a small ASX listed company in Brisbane and also a legal services business based in Brisbane
  • Upgrading Board Packs to improve visibility on critical reporting items
  • SME and corporate taxes for a variety of accounting and legal firm partners and directors
  • Assisting with numerous ATO Audits and pre-lodgement reviews
  • Assisting with bringing in new partners to a business and helping others to exit
  • Developing QBCC training videos and materials for release with Helix Legal, to assist other professionals and QBCC licensees in navigating the QBCC MFR.

What has been clear from the year just gone is our hybrid, multi-disciplinary offering definitely has legs. There is a real market out there for what we do and how we do it.

We are not a competitor to accounting firms, we don’t do financial statements and tax returns. We are advisors to advisors, both external and internal to businesses. We focus on the issues and provide solutions. We are frank, prepared and clear in our approach.

For those wondering about the other thing, you know, the husband and wife working together thing, well that’s also been ‘interesting’.

Mage advisory

“What has been clear from the year just gone is our hybrid, multi-disciplinary offering definitely has legs.”

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