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Private Office

Your private office

Manage your wealth like

a business

As your business has grown over the years you’ll have accumulated personal and investment assets, all requiring ongoing management and care in various forms. We offer you one place to manage those assets with a Private Office solution tailored to your specific needs. Essentially supporting you to manage your wealth like a business.

Our expertise. Your success.

Your trusted advisor

Imagine having someone in your corner who is knowledgeable, experienced, expert in various areas of business and has access to a network of vetted professionals when needed. Imagine no longer. We take the time to understand your specific circumstances, your motivations, your people, your assets, and your direction. Even your foibles. We take this understanding and use it to provide great advice that’s in your best interests.

Our expertise. Your success.

Advice when you need it

We have a deep knowledge of many aspects of business including tax, accounting, legal, banking, and insurance to name a few. We’ve also had experience in facilitating many deals to their successful conclusion including business sales, mergers, acquisitions, management buyout, restructuring, and partnership disputes. The list is long. No matter what you’re going through in business or life, we’ve seen it and offer our diverse skillset when you need it.


Accounting, Admin & IT

As your personal wealth becomes more complex to manage, it’s easy for important things to fall between the cracks. We offer day-to-day financial and administrative oversight of your affairs. A central place for all your investment and personal asset dealings to be managed. We use cloud technology to create shared platforms with you, and your other advisors, for transparency and ease of use.

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