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It’s a journey, not a destination.

Ideally, succession-related activities should occur every day. Identifying key people and possible next-gen business leaders, asset protection, adequate insurance for the life events you can’t control, a business structure that works for your business and future plans, adequate funding for the business now and into the future, agreements that govern behaviour and expectations for exiting and incoming business owners. Many activities in addition to the day-to-day operation of your business. Although good business practices are a succession activity in themselves – it’s much easier to sell a well-run business!


So many moving parts.

While every succession is unique, all of them have similar moving parts: business valuations, “the deal” (or deals), insurance, banking, funding, legals, contracts, structure, taxation, etc. Oftentimes there’s a separate advisor for each of these components. Throw in the wants and needs of the business owner, unsaid motivations, and foibles. Then throw in the same thing for the potential buyer and you’ve got a complicated situation on your hands. Little wonder so many successions fall over.

This is our area of speciality. We’re able to facilitate the process, understand the perspective of each stakeholder and drive an outcome that suits all parties. We facilitate with fairness, transparency and frankness, underpinned by our expert knowledge and experience.

Specialist advisors

Unlock the value in your business

Succession should be a strategic process enabling a business owner to unlock the value in their business and move to the next phase of their life. Often, they’re not planned, and life events dictate the timing and type of succession. Either way, we bring our experience and specialist skillset to advise and support you through the process, and ensure your maximise the value your business represents.


What does your succession look like?

Perhaps yours is a family business and you have the next generation coming through. Or you have a management team keen to buy you out. Or maybe you’re looking at selling your business in a trade sale. Regardless of what your succession looks like, we’re able to provide practical advice and support throughout the entire process. We draw on 20 years of experience assisting and advising business owners through a succession process, providing clear pathways through complex situations.

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