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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Statement

Mage Advisory Pty Ltd is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information. Our Policy Statement describes the practices we follow to respect the privacy of our clients and visitors to our website.

The primary purpose we collect personal information from you is to provide you with accounting or consulting services. We may also use or disclose the personal information for another purpose, such as to inform you of relevant updates and changes in accounting or other practices that may affect you or your business, invite you to events that may interest you, or to satisfy our Australian Taxation Office obligations.

Our usual process of collecting personal information is to collect it directly from you. We may also collect personal information from other sources, such as the Australian Taxation Office, Centrelink, your other advisers (e.g. legal and finance), your suppliers or creditors, through paid search providers, through marketing or business development events, or from banks or other credit providers. We will only collect the personal information from these other sources if it is necessary to provide you with the accounting and consulting services, or you have instructed us to collect your personal information from those sources.

Under our professional obligations, we are also required to issue you with an engagement agreement for some matters (see APES 230 and 305). For this reason, we will need to collect your contact details before proceeding with the accounting or consulting services.

If you do not provide us with the requested information, we may not be able to provide you with the accounting and consulting services. In some cases, it may be possible for you to provide us with some but not other personal information. You can ask us if this is possible before providing us with your instructions.

Your personal information may be disclosed to other entities, such as government agencies, our external auditors, other service providers or referral partners. This aids in providing accounting and consulting services to you, or to assist with our functions and activities (i.e. debt collection agencies or law firms), contractors or consultants, third party software providers that you use and our third party technology providers, such as our data storage providers and email filter providers.

We may transfer or send your personal information to an overseas partner for the purpose of providing the accounting or consulting services to you. If we do disclose personal information to an overseas partner, to fulfil the purpose for which the personal information was collected (including a related purpose), we are required to take reasonable steps to ensure that the recipient of your personal information does not breach the Australian Privacy Principles or a similar law in relation to your personal information.

Access to your personal information

At any time, you may give notice to Mage Advisory Pty Ltd that you wish to access your personal information that we hold.  You may also ask for your information to be corrected by contacting us as outlined in this policy.

In order that this information is made available to you, some notice is required so that we may have the documentation ready for your inspection. Where the information is held in security, Mage Advisory Pty Ltd reserves the right to charge a fee to cover the cost of retrieval and supply of the information to you. However, we will always endeavour to ensure that the cost of such retrieval and supply is reasonable.

We will endeavour to handle all requests for access to personal information as quickly as possible and provide that information to you within seven days of receipt of that request.

However, some requests may take longer to process because of the substantial number of documents held by Mage Advisory Pty Ltd in respect of some matters.

You may only access your own personal information. Any personal information held on your file, in respect of any other person, will not be disclosed to you.

Mage Advisory Pty Ltd retains the right to deny access to personal information where the information may relate to existing or anticipated legal proceedings between Mage Advisory Pty Ltd and you or where access may be regarded as frivolous or vexatious.  Mage Advisory Pty Ltd is also under obligation by law, in some circumstances, to deny access to your personal information.

If we deny you access to your personal information, reasons for that denial will be provided.

If the personal information we hold is not accurate, complete or up to date, we will take reasonable steps to correct it so that it is accurate, complete and up to date, where it is appropriate to do so.

Should you wish to access your personal information you will need to contact Mage Advisory Pty Ltd (07) 3096 0480, at Level 4, 183 North Quay, Brisbane, Qld, 4000, or by email at [email protected]  and advise us of your request. When you access your personal information, we will require you to sign a document stating that you have accessed your information.

Certain information which may be collected by Mage Advisory Pty Ltd will be regarded as sensitive information. The disclosure of sensitive information can only be made by Mage Advisory Pty Ltd with your direct consent, where it is required.  Some examples of sensitive information include financial circumstances.

If at any time you believe that Mage Advisory Pty Ltd has wrongfully disclosed your personal information or has breached this privacy policy, then you may lodge a complaint with us by phoning (07) 3096 0480.

If you are not satisfied with the response you receive from Mage Advisory Pty Ltd, you may contact the Federal Privacy Commissioner by phoning 1300 363 992 or writing to the Director of Complaints, Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner, GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW 1042.

Mage Advisory Pty Ltd is constantly monitoring regulations, policies and procedures to ensure that we are up to date with changes in the law and market practices. As a result, we may change this privacy policy from time to time.  Where the policy is changed it will be updated on our website.

If you have any concerns about the privacy of your personal information, please contact Ashley Garrone (Privacy Officer) on (07) 3096 0480, at Level 4, 183 North Quay, Brisbane, Qld, 4000, or by email at [email protected].